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then you're going to love American Grill!

Set in an American-owned burger restaurant in suburban Australia, there's that edgy mix of the two cultures - the American “Would you like fries with that?” marketing and the “Have a nice day!” attitude enforced by Ivan, the manager, and the “She’ll be right” attitude and "Take it or leave it" marketing of the workers.  

Mix them together and you've got American Grill. How very un McDonald’s!

 Coming soon to a small screen near you.

Writer: Adam Ransley

Script Consultant: Tristram Baumber

Producer: Rogan Brown

Director: Daniel James


American Grill is a comedy web series aimed at the 16 to 25 age group, which explores the world inside the heads of today’s youth. In this 'Skins meets Clerks' portrayal of generation Y, young burger restaurant employees distract themselves from their humdrum day-to-day tasks by passionately exploring wide-ranging ideas that have nothing to do with flipping burgers...

Genre(s): Comedy, Satire

Format: Web series

Release Date: In development

Meet Will, a shift supervisor in his early twenties.  He’s been around long enough to know who’s who in the zoo and knows just how much mud he can fling before it hits the fan.  He's a thinker and a "stirrer".

The Cast:

There's Greta who works the front counter.  She’s the feminist/activist who is always prepared to stand up for her rights, or anybody else's for that matter (even if she's not sure why).

Gilroy has anger issues - not surprisingly as he is the "head chef" and burger-turner.  He has a brotherly connection with Will and they hang out together outside of work.

Lou, the newbie in the team, works under Gilroy.  She is keen to do the right thing, particularly if her hero, Will, is around. She is a bit of a timid mouse who finds it hard to speak up for herself.

Then there's Bobby who works the registers and drive-thru.  He’s young and innocent (and probably dropped on his head as a baby!) He acts and speaks unfiltered - an emotional stone.

Ivan is the stick-up-the-arse store manager, often lurking nearby (eavesdropping) and enforcing “the rules”. He is often the butt of Will and Gilroy’s pranks and tricks.