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Wyoming, U S A: August 2011

Colorado Springs, U S A: April 2011

North America PREMIERE

Brisbane, Australia: March 2011

Australia/Pacific PREMIERE

Hobart, Australia: January 2010

Best Tasmanian Tropfest Entry 2010 (Hobart City Council Prize)

Director: Rebecca Thomson

Writer: Rebecca Thomson

Producer: Rogan Brown

Stars: Nicole Simms, Scott Farrow, John Hale, Ben Paine, Chris Adams

Taglines: This is one doll that is rotten to the core!

Logline: An apple head doll purchased by an unsuspecting young couple proves to be rotten to the core.


When Susie and Heath purchase an apple head doll from a quirky oddities shop, they think they are just getting a quaint, kitsch souvenir.

However, Heath soon realises that this doll, far from being the apple of Susie’s eye is, in fact, rotten to the core. Heath knows it. Even Jackie the dog knows it. But can Heath convince Susie of the doll’s evil nature before they all find out whether one bad apple really can spoil the whole barrel?!

Genre(s): Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Release Date: January 2010

Running time: 6 minutes 59 seconds

Sound: Stereo (Left/Right)

Picture: Colour

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Shooting Format: HDV

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