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Writer: D.P. Swanson

Producers: Rogan Brown, Alexia Melocchi

Director: Kyle Portbury


When a man goes missing in the Australian Outback and the local cop refuses to investigate, his tenacious sister takes matters into her own hands and uncovers a brutal murder.

Genre(s): Crime drama

Format: Feature

Release Date: In development

Inspired by a true story, this high-tension drama set in Tasmania is currently at final script stage. We are seeking finance to bring Darren Swanson’s vivd story to life...


On an idyllic island in Australia, two young siblings struggle against an abusive father. Emily is tenacious and strong while her brother James is passive, and takes the brunt of the abuse. With seemingly no way of escaping the island or the abuse, Emily vows to protect her brother.

Fast-forward twenty years. Emily has been living in the US. The distance she has placed between herself and her past has not healed her wounds, and she struggles with her relationships, including the one with her troubled boyfriend, Dean. She insists on protecting the people she loves by controlling every aspect of their lives, and for Dean, this is pushing him away.

Back in Australia, James finds an excuse to beg Emily to come home - a surprise 60th birthday party for their mother, Agatha, and James wants Emily to be the surprise. Emily agrees, bringing Dean with her. She dreads the reunion with Gus, her father.

Emily and Dean arrive in Australia, but the joyous occasion turns sour, when James and Gus come to blows. Nothing has changed. This realisation forces James to leave the island forever, escaping to a small outback town. Once there, he realises that he is not welcome. The local, tyrannical cop, Kurt, and his thug mates have it in for him. His only friend is Tanya, the abused girlfriend of one of the thugs.

Later on, Emily receives the news that James has gone missing under suspicious circumstances and she sets out to find answers. Despite overwhelming evidence of foul play, Kurt seems to make things hard for Emily.

Emily's search for the truth leads her to Tanya, and the two strike up an alliance. Emily is driven to bring closure to her family, whatever the cost, and Tanya is motivated by revenge for the abuse she has suffered. Emily's darkest fears come true as she learns from Tanya that James was murdered by Kurt and two of his mates. She confronts Lance, one of Kurt's accomplices, and makes a deal - she will keep what she knows a secret in exchange for the whereabouts of her brother's remains.

James' body is located and he is put to rest. But this is no comfort to Emily. She feels overwhelming guilt because she was supposed to protect James and she failed. Dean tries to take some of the burden but Emily won't allow it. He finally comes to terms that their relationship is doomed to fail, and he decides to go back to California. Unknown to Emily, he has a change of heart on his way to the airport and decides to take charge for once. He confronts Kurt and demands answers.

In a climactic showdown, Tanya and Dean escape within an inch of their lives, leaving Emily and Kurt to face off.  

Closure Press Kit - October 2015