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Director: Rebecca Thomson

Writer: Paul Godard

Producer: Rogan Brown

Synopsis: After his mysterious disappearance a decade ago, the life and career of maverick Tasmanian Film Producer Nick McVaille has become legendary.  Once shunned and despised by the filmmaking elite for producing low-budget exploiters such as “Satan's Stewardesses” and “The Sleaze-Merchant of Little Venice”, a hugely popular collection of his old trailers on YouTube has resulted in Nick being crowned the undisputed "King of Ozploitation".

Genre(s): Comedy, Satire

Release Date: In development

Project Outline: “Devil’s Island Films Presents…” is a six-part series that reveals the story of one man’s life and career in six featurettes.  By adhering to the conventions and format of the typical “Making of” while at the same time subverting its purpose, the series explores a whole new narrative form.

As with the best (and worst) “Making of”, the plot of each movie will be revealed all the way up until the melodramatic cliff-hanger ending.  And like many low-budget exploitation films they will benefit greatly from having 60 minutes cut from their runtime. Each half-hour episode contains scenes from the particular movie, while interviews with cast and crew and b-roll footage shot on location provides glimpses of the true personalities of all involved, as stresses begin to show and their unguarded comments are recorded.

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