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Writer/Director: Jane Howard

Producer: Rogan Brown

Genre(s): Drama

Format: Short film

Release Date: June 2016


When Teagan, an inquisitive and resourceful 11-year-old, is unexpectedly left alone one night, she embarks on a secret exploration of her family’s newly rented home. Driven by curiosity and a love of adventure she gains access to a room that has been kept locked for decades by the cold and aloof landlady, Mrs Nolan. What she discovers that night triggers a chain of mysterious and magical events that has the power to change the past and free the emotionally damaged Mrs Nolan from the misery of her bitter existence.

Director’s Note:

When I was a child, my grandmother would regale me with stories of her youth. She was a knockabout kid who lost her mother at the age of nine. Raised by her policeman father, her three older sisters and the nuns at the convent school, her misdemeanours would get her into a lot of strife. She was loads of fun. I have often wondered what it would have been like to be one of her playmates, but sadly, time is linear and we were not born in the same era.

The idea for The Good Room originated from the whimsical notion of meeting her in one of her escapades, but has evolved into a tale about time and magic and mystery. I am inspired to tell this story as it represents the collision of these nostalgic musings with the creative and disciplined processes of RED Flag. It also signifies a new creative journey which I am keen to explore.

— Jane Howard

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