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Writer: Kieran O’Mullane

Producer: Rogan Brown

Logline: Down on their luck, and threatened by just about everyone, Ryan hatches a plan with Janey to solve all their problems.  Thinking they’ve got it “in the bag”, the bag goes missing and only Ryan knows where it is.

Synopsis: While Ryan Murphy struggles to make ends meet as a singer/songwriter and not-too-handy handyman, Janey, girlfriend of Ryan’s imprisoned brother Wes, has been squandering Wes’s secret stash of cash on the pokies.

Desperate to pay off their debtors and appease Wes, Janey and Ryan carry out “the perfect bank job” in a Tasmanian country town. It’s a heist Wes has been planning and Ryan says no until his dog, Blackdog, is taken by thugs Graham and Slim who threaten the dog’s life if he doesn’t pay the $750 he owes.

Just when Ryan and Janey think they’ve got it “in the bag”, the bag full of loot gets swapped for one belonging to two retired tourists heading home to Queensland.  

Ryan pursues them intent on regaining the money. Wes, now out of prison, wants his share and chases Ryan, along with a “rag-bag” of other thugs keen on getting their cut, and all thinking it’s in the bag!

Genre(s): Comedy, Heist/road movie

Release Date: In development

Running time: Feature length