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Rogan was born in Tasmania, Australia, and has lived in Hobart for over 35 years.  

His first adventures in film involved shooting a cowboy film on his Dad's Super-8 camera in primary school with his brother, Martin.  In high school he graduated to filming on a reel-to-reel video tape recorder - it weighed a ton and editing involved cutting the tape and joining it together with sticky tape.  By the end of Year 12, technology had advanced to a more portable VTR (only half a ton).  This allowed much more flexibility, so Rogan took to the streets to shoot several news-style documentaries.

Fast-forward to 2009 (I've provided some highlights further down of what I did in between, if you're interested). A mutual friend introduced me to Rebecca Thomson who needed a producer for a film she wanted to make for the Trasharama Film Festival.  Screen Tasmania said the film was too ambitious, but we made it anyway. Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical was the first and is (so far) the most widely distributed through film festivals and DVD sales.  Apple Head, which Rebecca and I created for Tropfest 2010, won the Hobart City Council Award for Best Tasmanian Tropfest Entry in that year.  Also in 2010 Rogan produced Slashed with Rebecca directing, funded through the Raw Nerve initiative.  All three films have received festival awards.

In 2011, Rogan and Rebecca were awarded the two inaugural grants by Screen Tasmania through their silverScreen program. This fund is designed to provide bespoke career pathway support and direct professional experience for emerging Tasmanian screen practitioners (like Rogan and Bec!) in key creative roles.  This inspired us to produce another film together, The Jelly Wrestler, at the end of 2011, which is still receiving acclaim at festivals across USA and Turkey (no, I'm not kidding).

The in-between years: For more than 25 years Rogan combined his professional life as a teacher and school counsellor with a wide range of roles in theatre production and management, magazine editing, graphic design and has trod the boards more than a few times.

In the last few years, he has branched out into film and television, behind and in front of the camera. He appeared in Mark Joseph’s film promising in 2006, Barrie Dowdall’s documentary Exile In Hell (2007), as the RACT man in the “Win a Mazda” campaign (2007-8), as a frost-bitten fisherman in the feature film Arctic Blast (2009), as the Muster Clerk in Dowdall’s Convict Women (2010), and as Henry Solomon, Ikey Solomon’s father in the feature-length documentary The First Fagin (Wild Fury Productions, 2011). He also appeared (albeit briefly) in the The Kettering Incident airing on Foxtel in 2016, and in Roar Film/Tile Film co-produced TV series Death or Liberty.

He is a member and Chairman of the Board of Mainstage Theatre Company, and has managed several of their productions, as well as playing backstage roles for other theatre companies in Hobart.

He was Stage Director for the highly successful 60th anniversary “Carols by the Bay” (Hobart, 2009) and Artistic Director/Producer of Carols in 2010. In September 2010, he produced Aladdin for Class Act Music Theatre in Hobart.

He recently completed Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Rogan also runs a business producing videos for use on the Web: Film Works Tasmania. So if you need product videos, recording of interviews, seminars, conferences, birthdays, weddings (or your cat!) check out the Film Works website.

Rogan Brown